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TopShelf Palm Battery
TopShelf Strain Specific 1000mg Cartridges

Solvent Free Distilled Oil 85% + THC

Available Strains: Dogwalker, Tahoe OG, ATF, Durban Poison, G.S.C. , GG#4, Banana Kush, Green Crack, Watermelon, Tropical Passion, Bubble Gum.
TopShelf 200mg Espresso Brownie
TopShelf Gummies in Hybrid, Indica and Sativa

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TopShelf Peanut Butter Patties
Minty Mints from TopShelf

Dab Bag Contains 10 Half Gram Nug Run Shatter. Only $99 – Tax Included.

TopShelf Strain Specific Nug Run Shatter

Vape Bag Contains 3 Cartridges and a Battery. Only $99 – Tax Included.

TopShelf Strain Specific Cartridges
TopShelf Grab Edibles