Edibles at Glendale Greenhouse Dispensary

We provide our patients with the best edibles in Arizona at the best prices around! With our wide selection of marijuana edibles including THC candy, tinctures, beverages and desserts, you’ll never get tired of eating your meds.

Types of Edibles We Offer

TopShelf: Maker of yummy sweet treats including marijuana candies, gummies, brownies, and cookies.

Cream Boutiques: Assorted flavors of delicious THC infused gourmet ice cream. Medicated Donuts.

Neuro Armor: THC free CBD tinctures and mini shots

Why Our Patients Love Edibles

Marijuana edibles have become one of the most popular cannabis products for many reasons. For one, they are more powerful and last longer than other methods of ingestion. Eating cannabis will delay the effects, but once they come on, they come on with stronger euphoric and analgesic effects than smoking.

They also offer a comfortable alternative to those who choose not to smoke. Some people don’t want to inhale cannabis to avoid damage to their lungs. Other users prefer edibles because they don’t require the preparation and complicated paraphernalia needed to smoke marijuana. No lighters, pipes, grinders or papers needed and no mess to clean up. Just eat the proper dose and go about your day. Also, edibles are far more discrete than smoking. You can consume them at any time without the odors associated with smoking cannabis.

Cookies Available in Chocolate Chip, Sugar Daddy, Peanut butter and Cookie of the Month. Brownie Variety Packs include 1 of each: Smores, Caramel Coconut, Turtle and Fudge.

All Prices Include Tax

All Prices Include Tax

Dab Bag Contains 10 Half Gram Nug Run Shatter. Only $99 – Tax Included.

Vape Bag Contains 3 Cartridges and a Battery. Only $99 – Tax Included.