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 All prices include tax

Miscellaneous Products at Glendale Greenhouse Dispensary

Sometimes you just want fast, local pain relief without getting “high.” We are proud to offer our patients high quality marijuana topicals at our Glendale marijuana dispensary. All of our topical products are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and quality. And because you’re always looking out for your best friend, we also carry marijuana dog treats!

Types of Miscellaneous Products We Offer

Pure Ratios Topicals: Producer of marijuana transdermal patches, CBD lip balm and roll-on oils.

Chronic Health: We offer their high quality Pain Re-Leaf Ointment and Lotion.

Vital: Creator of high strength marijuana lotion and marijuana balm for fast topical relief.

Treatibles: Our favorite CBD infused dog treats for canines of all sizes.

Why Our Patients Love Our Products

Medical marijuana patients who experience pain, cramping or discomfort enjoy the different types of cannabis topicals we carry. Topicals are applied directly to the skin and the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the pores and nerve endings to offer localized relief. The compounds do not enter the bloodstream so topicals will never give you the euphoric “high” associated with other methods of ingestion. This makes topicals ideal for daytime or nighttime use either alone or in conjunction with other cannabis products.

Although the image of your dog grooving to Bob Marley tunes is fun, our marijuana dog treats are also non-psychoactive. They are infused with CBD derived from hemp plants and are 100% safe for your pooch. CBD can be effective in alleviating symptoms of dog’s arthritis, stress, aggression, digestion, and weakened immune systems. Studies are currently being conducted on CBD’s usefulness in treating pain, inflammation and stiffness in dogs resulting from sprains, strains, torn ligaments, and post operative care.

Tips for Buying & Enjoying Topicals and Treats

1. Talk to our staff about the different types of topicals and which one will be best suited for your specific discomfort.

2. Clean the area where you’ll be applying our topicals beforehand.

3. Be generous. Its not unusual to apply 2-3 layers of product.

4. Wash your hands before and after application. Don’t rub your eyes until you do!

5. Consider consuming an indica dominant cannabis product while using a topical for maximum relief.

6. Don’t expect miracle results from your CBD dog treats. Use them in conjunction with your pet’s normal medication.

With both topicals and treats-Be patient. Results may be subtle.

Buy Cannabis Topicals and Treats Today

If you’d like to learn more about CBD, topicals or how topicals work, contact Glendale Greenhouse Dispensary today with your questions. Or stop into our store and speak to our staff directly. Don’t forget to ask about our specials including our buy one 1/8th, get one free deal for new patients!

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