Pre-Rolls & Shake

Doobie Bag and Big Bag

Doobie Bag Contains 16 One Gram Prerolls. $99 – Tax Included.

Big Bag contains 1 Munchie Bag, 1 Vape Bag, 1 Doobie Bag. $270 – Tax included.

pre-rolled jointsOur Flower is Indoor Organic Hydroponic Grown for Purity and Consistency.

Over 22% THC 1 gram Preroll’s:


  • Banana Cream
  • Big Black Cherry
  • Blackwater
  • Fire Pebbles OG
  • GG #4
  • King Louis XIII
  • Night Terror OG
  • Sensi Star
  • Sour Banana Sherbet
  • Ubiquitous OG
  • Very Cherry

Under 22% THC 1 gram Preroll’s:


  • Amnesia Haze
  • Ancient OG
  • Blue Diamond
  • Cracker Jack
  • Critical Sensi Star
  • Delicious Candy
  • Duplicitous OG
  • Green Poison
  • In The Pines
  • Master Kush
  • Purple Mountain Majesty
  • Sour Afghan
  • Strawberry Fields

Houseblend Preroll’s:

  • Half Gram – $4
  • One Gram – $7
  • One and a Half Gram – $11
  • Jumbo Joint, 14.4 Grams – $100
  • Magic Blend, 1 Gram Houseblend Flower, Oil and Kief – $12

marijuana shake in a tube

Over 22% THC Shake:

1/8oz $30 • 1/4oz $50 • 1/2oz $96 • 1oz $176

  • Big Black Cherry
  • Blackwater
  • Silverback

Under 22% THC Shake:

1/8oz $25 • 1/4oz $40 • 1/2oz $76 • 1oz $136

  • Brain OG
  • Chem Pucker
  • Cracker Jack
  • Critical Sensi Star
  • Critical Super Silver Haze
  • Deadhead OG
  • French Toast
  • Grapefruit OG
  • Green Poison
  • Houseblend
  • In The Pines (High CBD Strain)
  • Sour Sunset
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Tangilope

-All Prices Include Tax-

All Transactions include a $20 Patient Consultation Fee.

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Pre-rolls and Shake are becoming an increasingly important part of the smoking industry. For new users, there may be many questions regarding which of these products to use and how they can make your life better. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know.

What is a Pre-Roll?

A Pre-roll is simply a joint that has been rolled for you by the expertise of a machine. In the past, before legalization efforts, smokers had to learn to roll joints on their own, which was often tedious and lent itself to mixed results. More than anything, it led to a lot of wasted time and product during the earliest learning phases. Today, pre-rolled weed makes it possible for anybody to smoke up just by heading down to the local shop.

How They’re Made

Most pre-rolls are made up of a product called Shake. Essentially, as the budtenders go about their daily business of dispensing flower to customers, little bits and pieces of the bud gets knocked off in the jar and settles to the bottom. Ordinarily, this product could not be sold so it would be wasted. Instead, budtenders gather up all of these extra flower bits and turn them into pre-rolled joints to be sold as a finished product. The highest quality pre-rolls are those that are sorted by strain and consist of one type of marijuana. In lower-quality operations, all of the shake may be mixed to create a cheap, but typically effective pre-roll. As such, you should always ask about the contents of pre-rolls before you buy.

Benefits of Pre-Rolls

There are many benefits to buying pre-rolls today. Mostly they save you time and money because you can pick them up and smoke them immediately. You won’t have to worry about messing up a roll on your own. Also, they come pre-measured with just the right amount of flower inside so you will get a smooth hit with great results.

Kinds of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls come in many sizes and types. For instance, you can purchase half gram pre-rolls, one gram pre-rolls, and one and a half gram pre-rolls. The larger the pre-roll, the more flower you will find inside, and the more shareable the product will be. You may also purchase small tubes of raw shake that you can roll yourself. Finally, you will find pre-rolls made from some of Glendale GreenHouse’s favorite marijuana strains including Cherry Pie, Blue Haze, and Master Kush.

To see a full selection of pre-roll products available from Glendale Greenhouse, visit our online menu or stop by our shop any day. We are happy to help you find the perfect pre-roll.

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  1. Steve Houston

    Came in today with my wife(she just got her MMC and she has never been to a despensary. I had a $50 credit from my previous trips and got another $50 because I brought my wife in. Clarabell was our bud-tender, she was awesome. We will be back and I will tell my friends about you.

  2. Pita

    Outside of running out of Blackwater too often, this place is perfect! I like the discounts, the advice, and the quality flower. Very happy with my new vape pen, too!

  3. I. P. WaterWorkS

    Another wonderful visit. The sale on shake was a pleasant surprise. Thank You. Would you consider an online order system for same day(or several hours) pickups? Products can disappear quickly and some of us have a bit of a drive.

  4. LauraC

    As a first timer, I was nervous, but this was a great clinic to get my toes wet. Place was clean, staff was friendly, great first timer deal! See you soon

  5. I. P. WaterWorkS

    I always pick up some house blend pre-rolls at each visit. Would you consider adding some exotic pre-rolls? Maybe with added kief or some oil. Thank you and see you next time.

  6. Shawn

    These guys are very nice people. It’s amazing this all this stuff changed in a few years. We are going to a great store with kind knowledgable people. Prices are very fair.

  7. Travis Harding

    I visit at least once a week, and the staff is awesome. Always educated and steered me in the right direction. Keep it up, you guys are awesome!

  8. Carlos Olvera

    First time there and I was nervous,but once inside I was in absolute heaven.friendly staff, great choices,fair prices,good 1st time patient deals,and the free spin on the wheel…my go to spot from now on…

  9. Terah Turner

    The staff was great. I was nervous having it be my first time. They answered my questions, the made suggestions bases on my symptoms. Was very clean.


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