11 thoughts on “First Time Patient Special

  1. Ron McLean

    Heard great things about you guys. Looking forward to my first visit to the shop on 7/21/17. See you there

  2. LaQuitta

    Visited them today for the 1st time, it was an Awesome experience. Joshua took time with me and answered all my questions.

  3. John

    Very professional staff and make it easy for new patients to learn and understand the MMJ process and value. Their new patient deal is really a good value and allows for a more diverse sampling of produce to new customers looking for a strain that works for their needs. Think about it most will purchase in the 1/8 volume for price and freshness of product. This team allows you to have a free offering on your first visit and you won’t find that anywhere else.

  4. Michelle S

    I took advantage of the new patient special on 420. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that on top of the special they took off the 420 20% as well. Nathan a great bud tender. Great quality product. I will be back.

  5. Brigitte Ricci

    First time ever using other than 2X when I was 13 I was so paranoid, b/c I lived in NY and it was/ is unfortunately illegal. This was eons ago lol. Looking forward to a new pain free, anxiety free, and sleep full nights!!!!


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